Timber Decking Brisbane: Fire Protection for Timber Decks

Timber Decking BrisbaneTimber Decking Brisbane by Q1projects uses wood or lumber to create porch, patios, home decks or verandahs for your home. This company is known to build ready-made stylish extensions of your home without the gauche look of DIY projects.

Timber is actually a good choice because they are long wearing and durable. Different kinds of timber produce different kinds of effect. This is an added appeal to a truly unique space.

A good place to install your Timber Decking Brisbane is at an area that is often basked by the sun. It wouldn’t hurt too if it has some trees to give shade to it and a picture perfect vantage. You can then add some tables and chairs, string some fairy lights and lanterns to complete the look. It is simply a delight to hang out here and relax on warm summer days or on cool balmy nights and go star gazing. Parties can also be held here.

One threat to this perfect set up though is bush fire since timber is a ready fuel. This should not concern you at all if you follow the landscaping rules in your area. All you need to do is regularly adhere to the rules without fail and owning a timber deck will be the least of your worries.

Dried up leaves and branches are ladder fuels and fire can easily climb up and transfer from one plant to another or even unto your house if you do not trim these off. Ember guards are also a must use in timber decking Brisbane.


Timber Decking Brisbane: Protecting you Deck from Fire

Timber Decking BrisbaneTimber is a good material for constructing verandas and home decks. At Timber Decking Brisbane, you do not need to undergo trial and error with your DIY projects. We make it and all you have to do is attach it to the side of your house.

Pick a side where the sun hits and there is a picturesque view. As an extension of your home, this area should be warm and inviting.

If you want to own one but is afraid that these are ready fuels for bushfires, think again. With strict maintenance measures and landscaping rules to follow, you can still own your timber deck in the bushfire zone.

Shrubs located within the vicinity of your property should be regularly trimmed. To protect your deck from embers and flames, the dead leaves and stems should be pruned off because these are “ladder fuels”. Fire from the ground can easily climb up on it and transfer to surrounding structures.

All the timbers used on the deck should be sealed with a non-combustible sealant. Ember guards should also be put in to fill gaps on the structures. This is done to protect embers from infiltrating it and causing fires.

Dead leaves and dried twigs should also be removed from the rooftop and the gutters. Use bushfire resistant timbers for the subfloor of the deck. You can also use decorative stones around your deck because these are fire resistant.

Timber Decking Brisbane uses hardwood for their timber decks because they are well known for having a high density. This means they are tough, durable and do not easily catch fire.

Timber Decking Brisbane

Timber decking Brisbane is a way of construction where outdoor decks and patios are renovated or built. In Australia, decking is used more for landscaping and extending the home. Some use it as patios. Decks are usually made of wood so this means that wood easily deteriorates. If you are going to renovate your decks, here are some helpful things that you will find useful.

Common timber decking Brisbane problems are the following:

Decks Should be Bouncy

When stepping on decks, they have to feel bouncy – just like when you are stepping on a trampoline. However, if you feel that the planks are uncomfortable when stepped on, it is time to do some fixing.

Timber decking Brisbane

Broken Planks

Planks can deteriorate with time and should be changed when this happens. Broken planks can be caused by the wood rotting or too much force on them. Just be sure that the structure of the deck itself is not the problem.


The weather can cause your deck to discolour especially during heavy rains. This is a common problem encountered. You might also encounter paint problems when water is subjected to direct sunlight.

Timber decking Brisbane costs vary so make sure that you are receiving the right service on the money that you are spending. There are many companies that will renovate your deck so ask them first before you get things done.

Advices on Timber Decking Brisbane

Timber Decking Brisbane

Timber decking Brisbane is a flat floor like structure that is built out of doors. It is often elevated and connected to an adjacent building or garden. This is popularly used in landscaping and as an extension of a house like a lanai, veranda or patio. The material for this comes from hardwoods like teak and mahogany.

Timber decking Brisbane is easy to construct. It is a very versatile and flexible space. You can turn the area into a dance floor or if you want, you can turn it into a working area. The addition of this extra space can increase your property value.

Since bushfires are an eminent threat, there are some designs and rules in landscaping that needs to be followed the whole year round to be able to lessen the impact of hot flames on the house in case of a bush fire. Bushes are not allowed to be planted near a structure because fire can travel through it and jump to the structures of the house. The timber used for the construction should be sealed to keep it non0combustible. Gaps on the deck should not be greater than 5mm or else embers might fall in and cause a greater fire. If you see one, plug them before a bigger problem will be created. To keep the mosquitos and other insects out, you can enclose the area with a screen or mesh.

Add drama to your house by putting in a timber decking Brisbane with the help of Q1 Projects. You can never go wrong with it.