Patios Brisbane: Expansion

Patios BrisbaneGo beyond the four walls of your house and expand to your yard by building patios Brisbane. Unlike decks which are raised from the ground, patios are just at ground level and are a great way to incorporate the outdoors into your living space.

This can serve as an entertainment area for your visitors during random parties. just string some fairy lights and lanterns, put on lively music and this spot is just perfect. You can also put in a fire pit or a grill here for barbecues and cookouts.

Some of the materials used for this is stone, concrete pavers, concrete and tiles.

Stones like slate and limestone give off a natural vibe and are durable. It can weather any storm. Local stones are preferable because their natural colours allow them to easily blend into the backyard.  However, its weight and rough edges makes it difficult to design with. They can also be very expensive.

Concrete pavers can also be used. They look like stones but since they are synthetic they are less expensive. They are preshaped and easy to piece together. However, this gives you limited freedom when it comes to creating patterns. Their pigmentation has also a tendency to fade overtime. Good thing is that they are replaceable!

By combining cement, gravel, water and sand, you can create concrete which you can form to any size and shape you want. So if you are planning to create a geometric designed patio this is a good option. It is also cheap and low maintenance. The downside is it needs experience to make and if it is not well made, it can crack.

Tiles can also be good to use because it can seamlessly connect your indoors to your outdoors. Just choose tiles made for the outdoors by patios Brisbane.


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