Timber Decking Brisbane

Timber decking Brisbane is a way of construction where outdoor decks and patios are renovated or built. In Australia, decking is used more for landscaping and extending the home. Some use it as patios. Decks are usually made of wood so this means that wood easily deteriorates. If you are going to renovate your decks, here are some helpful things that you will find useful.

Common timber decking Brisbane problems are the following:

Decks Should be Bouncy

When stepping on decks, they have to feel bouncy – just like when you are stepping on a trampoline. However, if you feel that the planks are uncomfortable when stepped on, it is time to do some fixing.

Timber decking Brisbane

Broken Planks

Planks can deteriorate with time and should be changed when this happens. Broken planks can be caused by the wood rotting or too much force on them. Just be sure that the structure of the deck itself is not the problem.


The weather can cause your deck to discolour especially during heavy rains. This is a common problem encountered. You might also encounter paint problems when water is subjected to direct sunlight.

Timber decking Brisbane costs vary so make sure that you are receiving the right service on the money that you are spending. There are many companies that will renovate your deck so ask them first before you get things done.


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