Advices on Timber Decking Brisbane

Timber Decking Brisbane

Timber decking Brisbane is a flat floor like structure that is built out of doors. It is often elevated and connected to an adjacent building or garden. This is popularly used in landscaping and as an extension of a house like a lanai, veranda or patio. The material for this comes from hardwoods like teak and mahogany.

Timber decking Brisbane is easy to construct. It is a very versatile and flexible space. You can turn the area into a dance floor or if you want, you can turn it into a working area. The addition of this extra space can increase your property value.

Since bushfires are an eminent threat, there are some designs and rules in landscaping that needs to be followed the whole year round to be able to lessen the impact of hot flames on the house in case of a bush fire. Bushes are not allowed to be planted near a structure because fire can travel through it and jump to the structures of the house. The timber used for the construction should be sealed to keep it non0combustible. Gaps on the deck should not be greater than 5mm or else embers might fall in and cause a greater fire. If you see one, plug them before a bigger problem will be created. To keep the mosquitos and other insects out, you can enclose the area with a screen or mesh.

Add drama to your house by putting in a timber decking Brisbane with the help of Q1 Projects. You can never go wrong with it.


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